Watch Dolph Lundgren and Florian Munteanu Pummel Each Other For Drago Family 'Creed 2' Workout

"I must break you, Dad!"
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Ivan and Viktor Drago Promo

We already know the grueling exercise circuit Michael B. Jordan worked to transform into Adonis Creed for Creed II. Now his archrivals in the upcoming Rocky movie have shared a powerful new clip of their punch-heavy workout.  

Dolph Lundgren, who famously played Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, posted an Instagram video in which he and his on-screen son, Viktor Drago actor Florian Munteanu, trade blows to the gut. 

"The Drago family’s idea of having fun," Lundgren wrote. "I must break you, Dad!" 

There's a reason those strikes look so convincing. Munteanu, aka "Big Nasty," is a Romanian professional boxer who Sylvester Stallone called "245 pounds of pure talent."  

And Lundgren is a legit martial artist who won two European Karate Championships long before he portrayed a deadly power puncher on the silver screen.

We'll see if Adonis can handle Drago's hits when Creed II arrives in theaters on November 21.