This YouTuber Transformed His Hoverboard Into a Flying Cloud From ‘Dragon Ball Z’


For the person who can’t commit to buying either a skateboard or a Segway, the hoverboard has been a godsend. For the rest of us, they’ve been a novelty bordering on annoyance, but somehow there are people in this world that can ride them with style. 

Taiwanese YouTuber Yes Ranger has become the first person on Earth to actually make hoverboarding look cool, and unlike those kids at your local mall, he manages to do so without being an asshole. Yes Ranger took to the streets of Taipei cosplaying as Goku, the hero of the Dragon Ball franchise by Akira Toriyama, with an orange cloud of wispy fiber turning his hoverboard into the noble Flying Nimbus. He high-fives passersby, shows off his impressive cosplay routine to local children, and has a blast doing it. 

He also posted a video showing the process he took to transform his hoverboard into the Flying Nimbus that will be sure to interest any enterprising do-it-yourselfer out there.  Y’know, just in case you need a way to make your hoverboarding a little yes obnoxious. 

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