Easter Booze To Wet Your Whistle

Here’s what to drink with your 17,000 Easter eggs this weekend.

Here’s what to drink with your 17,000 Easter eggs this weekend. 

Vistamar Brisa Merlot 2011, £6.87

We’re pretty sure this holiday used to have something to do with religion or something, but these days, it’s more about being the biggest drinking weekend of the year (two days off on either side of the weekend! We must destroy ourselves!) If you’re up to the gills with beer and grog, why not ease away the pain with a soothing, smooth bottle of fermented grape? This Chilean Merlot from booze magicians Vistamar is the perfect brain gravy to wash down whatever roasted animal you intend to devastate this holiday.

Element 29 Vodka, £31.99

Far higher up on the Periodic Table of tipples than wine is your liver’s best pal, vodka. Element 29 Vodka is British-brewed and takes its name from the ancient copper pot it’s alchemically cleansed in (copper is the magical 29th element on that confusing chart you haven’t looked at since your chemistry classes, when you marvelled at how you could melt a friend with Magnesium). It’s also ‘green’ vodka – the idea is that they sell you one cool dispensing bottle to serve in, and then you top up using cardboard refills. These save masses in glass waste and are also darned handy if you fancy some park bench-based drinking. So now you can get nicely intoxicated, safe in the knowledge that your booze footprint is preserving the planet as well as your vital organs.

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