Eat Me! The Best And Worst Official Sports Event Foods and Drinks

The best offerings, from A to Mmmmmm.

The best offerings from A to Mmmmmm.

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Masters – Pimento cheese

Spicy and cheesy have always been great friends, and nobody knows that better than the South. The Masters has been serving up the classic sandwich in the iconic green wrapper for longer than Tiger’s been layin’ game.

Grade: For the classic price of $1.50 the sandwich is almost too good to be true, but eating too much hot cheese on a hot day can be dangerous. B+

Wimbledon – Strawberries and Cream

A classy affair like Wimbledon demands a classy dress code (all white for the players), a classy drinking style (pinky up, dear boy), and of course, a classy snack. Lawn tennis on the front porch of the Queen is not complete without the strawberries and cream that are sold all across the grounds, and then expelled from drunker spectators outside the gates in a frothy, creamy, red mess. Classy, indeed.  

Grade: The lack of booze and grease hurts the dish, but the fact that the cream is extremely rich and fatty saves it from a complete nosedive. C-

The Kentucky Derby – Mint Julep

The Kentucky Derby has a nice sheen on the outside – what with the ladies with the giant hats and rich people who own horses – but the infield of the classic is a little less like that, and a little more like this. Luckily, the derby was able to come up with a cocktail that can quench the thirst of the grandstand while soiling the jeans of the messy crowd below.

Grade: The Julep is a refreshing oasis at the beginning of the summer, and it has the power to unite the upper crust with the, uh, crusty. A-

NASCAR – Turkey Legs

While not an “official” food, it’s hard to go from one American flag bandana to the other without seeing at least six fans jamming on a turkey leg. The one danger is dripping hot grease painfully onto your bare chest. We know what you’re thinking: “Why wouldn’t you just put on a shirt?” You haven’t been to a NASCAR race, have you?

Grade: Solid on-the-go food for the NASCAR fan about town, despite the risk of disfiguring turkey oil burns. B-

US Open – Honey Deuce

A newcomer to the “official food” game, this vodka cocktail has been on the menu for the past five years. It only has one ingredient that is nonalcoholic (not including the melon balls that garnish it), and that’s just what the drink is topped with. We assume that the price point is what keeps the number of US Open streakers to a minimum.

Grade: It’s boozy, refreshing, and ready for all the “melon balls” jokes that you can conjure. B+

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