Ellen Tweeted a Joke About Katy Perry’s Boobs, And the Internet Has Opinions

Did she go too far?

Katy Perry Ellen DeGeneres
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Ellen DeGeneres tweeted a photo of her jokingly checking out Katy Perry’s boobs, and the internet is definitely buzzing about it. 

In honor of the “Roar” singer’s 33rd birthday, the talk show host cheekily captioned the photo, “It’s time to bring out the big balloons!” in reference to Perry’s glorious cleavage and a quote from Perry’s 2013 song “Birthday.”

Page Six describes how some people promptly freaked out, as you might have predicted. 

In the wake of the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal, of which DeGeneres was an outspoken critic, dedicating part of her show to sharing her thoughts on the “#MeToo” movement, many fans were quick to mention the idea that this tweet wouldn’t fly had a man posted it.

Many began responding to the tweet with the hashtag “#doublestandard.” Others went as far as to compare her to Weinstein and call her a “pig.”  

British TV personality Piers Morgan was among those supposedly upset by Ellen’s tweet.

Actor and podcast host Michael Rappaport also chimed in:

Others didn’t take the controversy quite so seriously. 

Does this fiasco demonstrate a double standard held over men when it comes to making boob jokes? Perhaps, but if admiring Katy’s cleavage is a crime, then it’s time to send me to the electric chair. I’m just saying. 

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