Emily Ratajkowski Reveals Her Biggest Men’s Fashion ‘Ick’

EmRata says seeing this body part is a MAJOR turnoff.

(Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Attention, men who wear short pants: Keep away from Emily Ratajkowski.

That’s one very particular takeaway from the latest episode of the Maxim Hot 100 stunner’s podcast, High Low with EmRata, during which influencer Remi Bader stopped by to discuss a variety of topics including brand development, inclusivity in fashion, and social media.


But towards the end of the 40-minute conversation, the topic turned to turn-offs, or “icks” as EmRata called them.

“What are your icks?” Ratajkowski asked Bader before offering an example. “My recent ick is men’s ankles. Exposed ankles. I hate that. A dainty ankle exposed on the hottest man will ruin my day,” she explained, per the New York Post.

Bader appeared amused by the supermodel’s “very specific” ick as Ratajkowski expanded, “When they like sit down and the leg pulls up and I see their dainty ankle I’m like [gagging noise].”

“I swear to God there was a guy I was seeing and he came over in short pants and like, a shoe that exposed his ankle, and I have not seen him since. Swear on Sly’s life,” Ratajkowski said in reference to her son with ex-husband Sebastian Bear McClard.

Bader then chimed in with a less specific, and possibly more relatable, pet peeve.

“Mine’s not as much of a physical one, but when men, or anyone… people [who] really can only go on and on and on in a conversation about themselves and never ask about you.

“I hate that,” Ratajkowski concurred before Bader continued, “Specifically when I was dating, [I realized] there’s no way to turn that around with someone.”

So keep those ankles covered and ears open, at least if you want a date with EmRata anytime soon.