Eminem Blasts Anti-Maskers, ‘Dirty’ Cops and Drew Brees in New Single With Kid Cudi

“Prayers to George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, how the f— is it that so many cops are dirty?”

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Eminem and Kid Cudi literally join forces in the comic book-inspired video for their new single, “The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim Shady.”

Cudi opens the track by combining boastful lines like “Yeah, I let my nuts hang, Knock your top off with LeBron or Dwayne Wade” with references to his stint in rehab and personal growth. 

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Buy Em’s verses have been grabbing considerably more attention. The Detroit-bred emcee slams Drew Brees for his controversial statements about NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem, blasts anti-maskers and dirty cops, and offers prayers to George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, two unarmed African-American men whose deaths sparked outrage and ignited nationwide protests against racial injustice. 


Here are relevant excerpts from Eminem’s verse, courtesy of Genius

On Brees… 

I had hoop dreams, now I shoot threes (What?)
Got a lil’ green (Yeah), but I don’t do weed (Nope)
Purp nor lean (Nah), that’s Tunechi (Yeah)
That’s New Orleans (What?), f— Drew Brees (Yeah)

On anti-maskers… 

Bunch of half-wits up in office (What?)
Half of us walking around like a zombie apocalypse
Other half are just pissed off and (Yeah)
Don’t wanna wear a mask and they’re just scoffing
And that’s how you end up catching the s— off ‘em
I just used the same basket as you shopping
Now I’m in a f—in’ casket from you coughin’ (Damn)

On George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and dirty cops: 

And it’s nonstop fury (Yeah)
‘Cause I ain’t holding ‘em up like an armed robbery (Nah)
And God’s my jury, so when I die, I’m not worried (Nah)
Prayers to George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery (Yeah)
How the f— is it that so many cops are dirty? (Huh?)
Stop, man, please, officer, I’m sorry
But I can’t breathe when I got you on top of me
Your goddamn knee’s on my carotid artery (F—)

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