Emily Ratajkowski Shuts Down Sarah Hyland’s Bikini Body Shamers

“You look amazing. F*ck ’em.”

Emily Ratajkowski Sarah Hyland Promo
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Unfortunately, Ariel Winter isn’t the only Modern Family star getting body-shamed for posting racy photos. 

Sarah Hyland, who plays Winter’s on-screen sister in the Emmy-winning sitcom, was attacked by comments section-dwelling trolls after posting this stunning selfie on Instagram.


The photo shows a surgical scar from a kidney transplant Hyland received in 2012, and she hashtagged the photo “#showyourscars.”

As Style Caster notes, Instagram users unfairly criticized Hyland’s weight, calling her “sickly skinny” and saying she had “too much fucking bone.” 

Another wrote, “Eat something u look like u haven’t ate [sic] in years.” 

But the 27-year-old actress tagged the brand of her bikini, Inamorata Swim. The bathing suit line was launched by none other than Emily Ratajkowski last year. 


The supermodel, who is no stranger to the vitriol of body shamers, swooped in and shut down Hyland’s haters. 

“You look amazing. Fuck em (& you kill it in @inamaorata swim every time!)” Ratajkowski commented. 


Hyland’s boyfriend, Wells Adams, also defended her. When one commenter wrote, “eat a doughnut,” The Bachelor in Paradise alum told them to “eat shit.” 

Many of Hyland’s nearly 6 million followers took a stand as well. 


If you’re upset by Hyland’s sexy selfie, definitely don’t scroll this sampling of her incredible Instagram photos: