Everyone, Rejoice! Despite The Death Rumors, Newman from “Seinfeld” is Still Alive!

That was a close one!

Photo: Columbia TriStar/ Everett Collection

Sometimes the Internet can be a real jerk. Take yesterday, for example. A website pretending to be Us Weekly posted a completely false story that stated former Seinfeld and current The Exes star Wayne Knight was killed in a tractor-trailer accident. The report was very detailed and realistic, so those who came across it were, understandably, quick to believe it. Well, as these things tend do in cyberspace, the story spread like wildfire, soon attracting the attention of Knight himself. Thanks to the instant power of Twitter, however, he was quickly able to dispel the rumor:

Then, he started having a little fun with it:

We’re just happy that he’s alive and well. The guy played one of the most hilarious and diabolical characters in TV history, and for that, we hope he sticks around for a long time!

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