EXCLUSIVE: Clips from Jim Norton’s New Standup Special

The crass comic will make you laugh until you hurt on his new special, American Degenerate.

Jim Norton is a busy guy. Besides being one of the most honest and hilarious comics out there, he’s a co-host on

Opie & Anthony

, he’s

an author

, and

he even has his own advice show

. Well, add to his resume another stand-up special,

Jim Norton: American Degenerate

, airing this Friday on Epix. His take-no-prisoners, hold-nothing-sacred style is in full display, so if you’re going to watch these three exclusive clips from the special while at work, we respectfully suggest putting on headphones.

“Lucky to be a Comic”






Jim Norton: American Degenerate

premieres on Epix on Friday, August 23rd, at 10pm.

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