This Father Made An Amazing Zelda-themed Gaming Machine For His Son But We Want One, Too

A self-contained system to play retro games? Count us in. 

Some parents are adamantly against their kids playing video games. Others, like anoldradical from Reddit, do what they can to give their kids all the gaming goodness they possibly can.

This guy’s son is a retro gaming fan who already prefers classic Mario over Wii U updates, so he simply gave the kid what he really, really wanted inside: an Android-based emulator packed with more games than he’d ever know what to do with from the early days of gaming all the way up to the original PlayStation. All of this, self-contained in a gorgeous hand-made box that could plug into any unit with an HDMI connection.

The end result was an impressive stained treasure chest a la The Legend of Zelda that Nicky, the creator’s son, absolutely loved and we’re sitting here thinking about replicating. If you have an Ouya sitting around and want to try this out, it doesn’t look that difficult — aside from the actual decoration part, anyway. It might make for an interesting project for any of the retro gaming fans in your life. We’ll take one, please.

Photos by anoldradical