Francis Ford Coppola Is Apparently Not a Fan of Star Wars

The director of The Godfather had some harsh things to say about George Lucas’s masterpiece.

Sentient charcuterie plate Francis Ford Coppola is sad for his old buddy, multibillionaire legend George Lucas, who apparently didn’t live up to his early potential as a filmmaker. 

Speaking at the Marrakech International Film Festival, Coppola lamented the risk aversiveness of a commercially-driven movie industry and the dearth of experimental films — excuse me, I mean CINEMA. He cited his friend and former collaborator Lucas as an example of what went terribly wrong in the aftermath of such masterpieces as The Godfather. From Screen Daily:

“I think Star Wars, it’s a pity, because George Lucas was a very experimental crazy guy and he got lost in this big production and never got out of it,” Coppola reflected. “I still hope that he made so much money out of it that he will just make some little movies. He promises me that he will.”

He promised, y’hear? Given that Lucas is worth a cool $5.1 billion, he can probably swing a “little movie” or two.  If we can even call them movies anymore, which according to Coppola, we cannot.

“It has all become one,” he said. “There is no more film, there is no more television – there is cinema.”

Lucas responded by challenging Coppola to a light saber duel (we wish).

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