Watch This Sexy Reality TV Star Prank Her Boyfriend's Bro To See If He'll Hit On Her

"I want your tiny Irish penis inside of me."
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Be honest: would you ever have sex with your buddy's hot girlfriend if she came on to you?

Most of us would like to say no, but professional YouTube gamer Joel Morris and his smokeshow reality star girlfriend Jessica Shears decided to test this theory out in this epic prank video. 

The setup is simple: Joel's good friend, Max, comes over to meet the couple when Joel realizes he has to run out and get batteries for his controller. A hidden camera then captures the sexy prank action starting at 6:18 in the video above. 

Right off the bat, Jessica starts showering Max with compliments and asks him to go clubbing with her and Joel later that night. 

The Irish prank victim starts to get seriously weirded out when she asks him to show her around Dublin. 

"I've always thought I need to go [to Dublin] with someone who can properly show me around," Jessica says.  

Max responds in bewilderment, "Are you suggesting that I take you to Dublin? 

She gradually becomes even more aggressive, eventually letting her short black dress ride up a little too high as Max squirms nervously in his seat. 

Sex Prank

But as soon as she says, "I want your tiny Irish penis inside of my ear," to which he responds "fuck off" after realizing that the whole damn thing is a cruel hoax. At which point his buddy busts into the room, laughing. Wow, that was quite a gamble there, dudes. 

Max remained strong and never took the bait, and for that we commend him. As her Instagram feed proves, Jessica really is hot as hell, and her looks have gotten her a spot on the British reality dating show, Love Island. Here's some of her most scalding pics:

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