We Don’t Know Why This Sexy Tribute to ‘The Manshow’ Exists, But It’s Well Worth Your Time

Relive the girls on trampolines segment nearly two decades later.

Eighteen years ago, a new show premiered on Comedy Central that would set a new standard for TV stupidity. Hosted by Adam Carolla, best known for Loveline at the time, and Jimmy Kimmel, then the sidekick on Win Ben Stein’s Money, the show was a half-hour of sophomoric debauchery devoted to beer, boobs and stupid pranks. We loved it. 

Nearly two decades later there are a handful of segments from The Man Show that stick in the minds of loyal viewers, none more so than “Girls on Trampolines.” It was the outro to every show, featuring precisely what the title promises—a handful of attractive women jumping on a trampolines. It was an unabashedly sexist segment that reduced women to little more than the parts of theirs that jiggle when they jump high in the air. But give Kimmel and Carolla credit: As the title of the segment proves, they weren’t trying to be coy about it.

Also, give this dude Dustin Farrell credit for recreating the segment with top-of-the-line video equipment. This video is a demo reel showing girls jump on trampolines, and a dude on a dirt bike, in 4K. 

https://vimeo.com/234102489″ tml-render-layout=”inline

If the point of this was to get people to pay attention to the guy’s cinematography, we’re not so sure it’s going to work. There are other, much more distracting things in this video. 

But if the point was to send us down memory lane and remember some of the other great parts of The Man Show, we will indeed be doing that.