‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Trailer: Watch Teaser For Return Of Iconic Rockstar Game

The buzzy trailer features the franchise’s first female protagonist.

Rockstar has finally released the long-awaited trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6, one of the most anticipated video games of all time.

Fans of the mega-popular franchise have been waiting for nearly a decade. The last Grand Theft Auto came out in 2013, and has remained a best-selling title in every year of its storied tenure. GTAV leveraged both the acclaimed history of the franchise with its epic campaign but also introduced the future with an online world where dozens of players could run amok together, getting rich or dying trying. 

Credit: Rockstar

Set to Tom Petty’s “Love Is A Long Road,” the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer takes the series back to Vice City, a fantastical take on Miami, similar to how previous games were set in Liberty City (New York City) and San Andreas (an amalgamation of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas.) Only this time, it’s the entire state of Leonida, aka Florida, that’s set to be the playground.

Credit: Rockstar

The head-spinning trailer seems to focus on just two main characters this time, Jason and Lucia, marking the first time that the franchise has featured a female protagonist. 

Credit: Rockstar

The trailer, which clocks in at a mere 91 seconds, is still somehow jam packed with all things Florida. From gators in convenience stores to babes twerking on the back of muscle cars, it seems there’s more than just the glitz of Miami in store for gamers who are eager to be set loose in the the high rises as well as the swamps of the fictional and enormous world Rockstar has in store.

Credit: Rockstar

Like its predecessor, the online component will be a major focus and people will be scouring the trailer for details of this entry’s online world. Hopes have been high for an online GTA that expands to more cities, as some gamers have complained that the franchise has been stuck in pseudo-California for too long. 

Rockstar originally planned to release the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 on Tuesday, Dec. 5, but footage leaked early, leading to its early release on Dec. 4.

Credit: Rockstar

But the most important detail of the new trailer is undoubtedly the release date. Many gamers had hoped for a 2024 launch, but the trailer reveals GTA6 is coming in 2025.

Watch the trailer above for a teaser of Rockstar’s most-anticipated game yet.