‘Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition’ Is Officially Happening

Take a gritty trip back to Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas on the Xbox Series X, PS5 and PC.

Rockstar Studios

Following the console-crossing success of GTA Online, Rockstar Studios has announced that it’s bringing Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition to next-gen gaming systems Xbox Series X and PS5 as well as PCs. 

The GTA Trilogy will bundle three blockbuster games from Grand Theft Auto’s history: GTA III, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas. That means terrorizing the streets of Rockstar’s fictitious versions of NYC, Miami and LA will finally be possible on the current set of gaming consoles. 

Details are sparse for now but Rockstar has made clear that this trilogy is coming to consoles this year. It seems the impetus for this trilogy (besides money and fan-service) is the 20th Anniversary of the series going 3D with GTA III, though it remains to be seen if the launch will actually coincide with the October 22nd anniversary date. 

There’s also a small caveat in the way of graphics and performance here. While Rockstar has said the trilogy “will feature across-the-board upgrades including graphical improvements and modern gameplay enhancements for all three titles” they have also very specifically avoided calling this a remaster or a remake.

Considering GTA V and GTA: Online still don’t take advantage of the Xbox Series X or PS5’s 4K HDR capabilities yet – that upgrade is now slated for March 2022 –  it’s safe to assume the trilogy won’t either. 

As a sidenote, Rockstar is also pulling all of the iOS editions of these games from Apple’s App Store in anticipation of them being replaced with their Definitive Edition counterparts some time in the first half of 2022.