Halo 5 Is A Tease

The investigation into the world’s most famous sci-fi Spartan has begun.


We thought the biggest mystery in the Halo series was the question of who made the universe-destroying Halo rings, but Microsoft is teasing a new mystery today, one that is forcing us to look inward and ask a more important question: Who is Master Chief?

The teaser for Halo 5, a game that’s set to destroy your social life when it arrives this fall, puts a sniper bullet from the barrel of a UNSC-issued sniper rifle right through the visor of Master Chief’s own UNSC-issued Helmet. It’s an ominous tease for the bigger mysteries set to be unleashed when Halo 5 sees the light of day. In the meantime, a Tumblr account of a purported journalist/war photographer named Benjamin Giraud promises to explore those mysteries in advance of the game’s launch. We’ve seen sites like this take us deep down rabbit holes so we’ll be checking back on a weekly basis as Mr. Giraud – if that is his real name – takes on Master Chief’s past, Serial style.