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March 28, 2022
Channel your inner Spartan super soldier with limited edition, “Halo”-inspired boots.
December 13, 2021
“Dramatizing an epic 26th-century conflict between humanity and an alien threat known as the Covenant.”
December 8, 2021
Breaking down Master Chief’s long-awaited return to Xbox and PC with the latest installment in the “Halo” franchise.
November 30, 2021
These elusive consoles, controllers and bundles are sure to please the diehard gamer on your gift list.
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July 24, 2020
Featuring Halo Infinite, Fable, and Forza Motorsport, as well as new titles like CrossfireX and Avowed.
March 23, 2015
The investigation into the world’s most famous sci-fi Spartan has begun.
February 25, 2015
Now all you need is a Warthog