Live Out Your Halo Fantasies With the Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet

Now all you need is a Warthog

Anyone who’s played Halo knows what it’s like to stare through the tinted visor of Master Chief’s iconic helmet and mow down Covenant troops from the wheel of a Warthog. While it doesn’t endow drivers with the reflexes of a cybernetic supersoldier, the NECA Master Chief helmet does protect motorcyclists who want to show their love for the franchise. The helmet, available this July, is a near exact replication of the in game model and will meet all US DOT safety certifications. It features a flip-up visor with UV protection and front vents that help reduce fogging. The limited-edition lid’s design is still being tinkered with but the final product will undoubtedly bring you one step closer to living out all your in-game fantasies. Just abide by traffic regulations — nothing screams n00b like Master Chief receiving a speeding ticket. [$TBD;]