Ice Cream Donuts Are The Ridiculously Decadent Junk Food You’ve Been Waiting For

It’s about damn time.

Summer divides the population into two camps—those who vigilantly monitor their caloric intake as to look good on the beach and those who absolutely don’t give a fuck.

For the latter (and much cooler) party, the B Sweet dessert bar in Los Angeles has kicked off a summer food trend that is as refreshing as it is decadent—ice cream-stuffed glazed donuts.

Dubbed “Halos,” they pack frozen ice cream inside warm, glazed donuts. B Sweet touts them as “hot outside, cold inside, yummy all over.” Hey now!

Truth be told, these look way better than a boring ass ice cream sandwich…

B Sweet offers Halos in six unique flavors—Vanilla, Mint Chip, Cookies and Cream, Rocky Road, Chocolate Malted Crunch and Ube (a trendy purple yam from The Philippines, in case you didn’t know).

You may want to pick up a few napkins before trying to eat four of these beauties at once, my dude.