These Are the 10 Best Types of Donuts, According to Totally Sweet New Survey

Team glazed.
Donuts Promo

It's more or less a fact that everyone loves donuts. Even blistering-hot bikini models like Kara Del Toro can't resist indulging in their deep-fried deliciousness every once in a while, and we've got the delectable clips to prove it:

While Kara opts for the jelly or custard-filled variety, the diligent surveyors at Ranker have put out a new top ten list of "the very best kinds of donuts" to determine which variety the rest of us prefer. 

This ranking might not be as intoxicating as America's top ten (or 15) favorite whiskeys or tequilas, but it's every bit as mouthwatering. 

10. Custard 

9. Double Chocolate 

8. Powdered 

7. Jelly 

6. Cinnamon 

5. Maple 

4. Chocolate With Sprinkles 

3. Boston Creme 

2. Chocolate Frosted 

1. Glazed 

h/t: Uproxx

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