I am Ron Burgundy!?!: The Cocktail

We’re ridiculously excited for Anchorman 2. Can you tell?

Tomorrow, one of the best moments of 2013 will happen when Ron Burgundy returns to theaters in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

We can barely contain our joy, so we’re going to drink something to mellow out. And because, you know…drinks. 

Introducing Bacardi’s “I Am Ron Burgundy?!?”

I am Ron Burgundy!?!


1 part Bacardi Gold

¾  parts Dewar’s 12

½  parts Benedictine

¾  parts fresh lemon juice

¾  parts Burgundy syrup* 


Combine all ingredients in a shaker tin, add ice, and gently shake to mix ingredients. Strain into an empty glass, add crushed ice and garnish with fresh grated orange zest.

*Burgundy syrup


3 parts wine (preferably Burgundy, but any red wine will do. This is a great way to utilize wine that might start to turn for the worse!)

1 part sugar


Add wine to sauce pan, bring to medium heat, then add sugar. Gently stir, and when sugar is dissolved, remove from heat and set to cool. 

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