An Interview with Erinn Hayes

We got to chat with the super-stunning star of the Emmy-winning Childrens Hospital.

We got to chat with the super-stunning star of the Emmy-nominated Childrens Hospital. Check out her gallery!

On the Competition

There’s so much television right now. I’m pulling for the ladies–specifically Lena Dunham and Amy Poehler. I know they’re up in the same category, but maybe the universe can split and make them both win.

So Childrens Hospital obviously spoofs stuff like ER. Are there any medical shows you actually watch?

I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy pretty religiously. I was on an episode and at the time, only one cast member knew about Childrens Hospital so I was like, “I’m sorry, I’m not really making fun of your show.”  We’re not a medical parody show–it’s just an absurd comedy taking place in a hospital.

Dr. Fonzie

If I was injured, I wouldn’t trust any of my co-stars as my doctor! Well, no that’s not true, I would have Henry Winkler hold my hand and say nice things in my ear while I sent the rest of them to get the set medic, who then would call a real hospital. But I wouldn’t trust those assholes to put a Band-Aid on me. I would never want Rob Huebel in the operating room. And he knows why.

Comic-Con Adventures

It was so fun and jam-packed. Do people still use that phrase? It was jam-packed with good times. The best, most interesting part to me was walking back behind the main floor where they would kind of guide us on to do our signings or they were bringing us to a room full of bloggers because all of the “talent” is walking around back there waiting to go on so you’d bump into Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis and we bumped into and shook hands with Shaq. That was amazing. My hand felt like a baby hand. I’m not a short person, I’m 5’10 and I was wearing heels and I felt like a tiny little creature next to Shaquille O’Neal. Who else did we run into? I was just walking along the floor and saw Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad. I came home hoarse because there were a lot of loud parties and people. I met DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba. I’m pretty sure we’re going to be new best friends. It was very exciting, there was a lot of crazy stuff. And I hope that we get to go back every year, for the rest of my life.

On Guys with Kids

I’m very excited to join this show! Jimmy Fallon is producing it. I play Jesse Bradford’s ex-wife and we have a one-year-old child together so we’re kind of figuring out divorced parenting. Anthony Anderson and Tempest Bledsoe play another couple with four kids and Zach Cregger and Jamie Lynn-Sigler play another couple with one child, so it’s a really fun cast. I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

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