“Iron Man 3”: Even Better in Lego

Tony Stark’s goatee, in particular.

Tony Stark’s goatee, in particular.

There’s only one thing that every male between the ages of 5 and 105 can universally agree on: the key to world peace can be found in Kate Upton‘s cleavage. Oh, and also, that Legos make everything better. The third installment of Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man franchise hits theaters on May 3rd, and while Iron Man 2 was kind of a snooze, these brand-new Lego replicas of the Iron Man 3 movie posters have us pretty amped to see what Marvel has in store this time around. Check them out below, along with our predictions for what they reveal about the new movie’s plot.

Ok, so as far as we can tell from this poster, Iron Man 3 is all about spaceships exploding in the middle of the ocean, and little alien creatures with jetpacks who look like Darth Vader! Also, in the time since we saw him last, Tony Stark was involved in a mysterious accident that left him fingerless (cue dream sequence!), and now he must find a way to save the world—without opposable thumbs.

So, as if it wasn’t bad enough that he’s got no hands and gets his grooming advice from V of V for Vendetta, apparently Tony Stark also has nothing to wear! Oh wait, yes he does. He has all these fucking baller Iron Man bespoke suits, and Pepper Potts makes him keep them all organized in this superhero closet from the future.

Honestly, if you really want to know what happens in Iron Man 3, you should probably just watch the trailer. Sure, we could’ve just done that ourselves instead of making all this shit up, but it’s a weekday during business hours; we’ve got Lego models to build.

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