It’s Official: ‘Jersey Shore’ Is Returning to MTV in 2018

Are you DTW (down to watch)?

jersey shore


Nearly a decade after MTV poisoned the airwaves with Jersey Shore, the once wildly popular reality show that brought us “DTF,” “GTL,” and “Come at me, bro”, among other catchphrases, the network is bringing it back.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation will hit the airwaves in 2018, MTV announced Monday, and nearly everyone will be there. Returning cast members include Deena Nicole Cortese, Paul “Pauly D” Delvecchio,” Jenni “JWOWW” Farley, Vinny Guadagnino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

The only one who won’t be on hand for the revival is Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola. Shame.

No word on what the well-tanned cast will be up to on the new show, but the title points toward a shift in the lives of these once-reviled morons. Many of them now have families and they’re all in their 30s. Their days of throwing up in the sink after a long night partying on the boardwalk are over. At least they should be.

The original Jersey Shore premiered in 2009 and quickly became one of the most popular, and controversial, reality shows of all-time. The characters were constantly drunk, irredeemably dumb and perpetually half-naked. They were so hated that at one point New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said the show was “negative for New Jersey” and an Italian American group called it “direct, deliberate and disgraceful attack on Italian Americans.”

But people kept watching and when Jersey Shore‘s run ended in 2012, it’s legacy was cemented. Cast members went on to spin-offs and careers as professional celebrities as Jersey Shore-inspired reality shows cropped up in Poland, Russia, Spain, Australia and Sweden, among other places. The most recent version, Floribama Shore, premiered last night on MTV.

The most lasting part of the Jersey Shore legacy though isn’t the spin-offs, remakes or re-boots, but the show’s contribution to American language. The half-wits on the show get credit for popularizing terms and phrases such as “DTF,” “GTL,” “smush” and of course, “grenade.”