Watch Jimmy Kimmel Try to Squeeze National Security Secrets Out of a Totally Lovable George W. Bush

Don’t worry, Dubya stands firm.

Former president George W. Bush has mostly been keeping to himself in the last eight years or so and doing retired-guy stuff like hanging out with family and taking up new hobbies. He has become accomplished enough at one of those hobbies, painting, that he’s got a new book out of some of his best work, Portraits of Courage. It’s almost 200 pages depicting the likenesses and stories of vets wounded in wars during Bush’s administration. 

The ex-president guested on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday to promote his book and, of course, the host couldn’t let him go without trying to find out some national secrets we’d all love to know more about. To Kimmel’s question, “Did you go through the secret files… the UFO documents?” Dubya simply said, “Maybe.”

When Kimmel pressed for more, an amused-looking President Bush said, “I’m not telling ya nothing,” unless, that is, he decided to “start drinking again.”

Also fun was Bush’s discussion of Will Ferrell’s famous portrayal of him, which he clearly takes with a lot of good humor now. The debate about that is simply over whether Ferrell or Bush himself came up with the now famous malapropism, “strategery.” You can see what Bush thinks in the segment video.

Whatever your politics, it’s clear that George W. Bush is a happy and personable ex-president, who with his book about veterans still clearly cares a great deal about the people he once led. He’s a fun guy, we hope he sticks around.