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Bill Burr The Mandalorian Promo
November 23, 2021
“I’ll just be walking down the street with my wife and they’ll just say, ‘Hey, Billy Bitch Tits! Hey, the Pats suck!’ And I’ll be like, ‘Hey, thank you! Thanks for listening to the podcast.’”
Bill Maher Jimmy Kimmel Norm Macdonald Promo
September 17, 2021
“The fact that I didn’t know about this, nobody knew about this — good one, Norm.”
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly
July 14, 2021
“The second night, I went to hell for eternity.”
January 28, 2020
Nike says it sold out of Kobe Bryant merchandise in the wake of the NBA legend’s death, disputing media reports that it had removed the products.
October 31, 2019
And it’s all over Stallone’s terrible 1992 comedy, “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.”
Jimmy Kimmel Analog Clock
May 30, 2019
“I have not read a clock like this since elementary school.”
June 13, 2018
They blessed the rains in a showstopping performance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’.
November 3, 2017
“Do you and Kanye…like… fart in front of each other or talk about farts?”