Watch Jimmy Kimmel Try To Convince LA Rams Player William Hayes That Dinosaurs Are Real

This is goddamn hilarious.

For some inexplicable reason, Los Angeles Rams defensive end William Hayes believes in mermaids, but does not believe the dinosaurs ever existed. The man’s job is to be a human wall between running backs and the end zone, so it’s not like he actually needs to believe dinosaurs were real, but still, it’s a difficult public position to ignore. At least it is for late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel decided to take a break from encouraging psychological child abuse over Halloween candy and perform the positive public service of taking Hayes to the L.A. Natural History Museum. His goal was to overwhelm the big man with considerable scientific evidence like gigantic Tyrannosaurus skeletons and level-headed talk from a museum educator. 

As you’ll see, it was a tough sell. As a plus, Hayes also did not—or maybe chose not to—notice how the segment was a set up to ridicule his admittedly inexplicable ideas and pound Kimmel into the ground. So in the end, perhaps this was a kind of draw, with Hayes remaining a resolute disbeliever and Kimmel’s face remaining intact. 

We’d like to see a follow-up in which Hayes takes Kimmel under the sea to convince him about the mermaids, but we won’t hold our breath.