Joakim Noah May Have Urged Carmelo Anthony to Defect to the Bulls

What does the future hold for Melo and the Knicks?

All-Star weekend is not about getting the win most times (as the big man himself told us), but the Bulls center allegedly tried to leave NOLA with one victory under his belt. According to an ESPN report, Joakim tried to sway Melo into coming to play in the Windy City, which would thereby establish another big three in the NBA (although it’s more of a big two and a half, because Derrick Rose only has one leg).

Melo was apparently non-committal during the technically illegal conversation, but did comment on how hard the Bulls play and how his son admires Rose. It’s hard to imagine the offer isn’t tempting – the Knicks just broke a seven-game losing streak and their awful record this season can hardly be pinned on Melo. The Bulls have all the pieces in their squad except a prolific scorer, and since scoring is kinda important in basketball, the forward could square away the small issues that have kept the Bulls out of the Finals.

Noted horrible person James Dolan’s tight grasp on the Knicks has done more harm than good, but if he lets go of Melo, rebuilding will have to start from the bottom once again. That might not go over so well; “patient” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when referencing New Yorkers. 

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Photos by Scott Strazzante / Chicago Tribune / MCT / Landov