Joe Rogan No Longer Wants To Interview Knocked Out UFC Fighters

“I don’t think it’s wise nor fair.”

Following his first round knockout loss at the hands of Stipe Miocic, heavyweight Alistair Overeem took another L during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan at UFC 203. 

The 36-year-old heavyweight insisted that he had felt Miocic tap out during a  guillotine choke earlier in the round. So Rogan ran the replay and Overeem’s story fell apart. Watch this video to the end to see the look of devastation on his face when he’s proven wrong. 

It was an odd moment and one that won’t happen again if Rogan gets his way. The UFC commentator has asked the promotion if it can do away with the post-fight interviews with losing fighters. Not just because they’re often weird, but because someone who’s just been knocked out is not thinking clearly and may say things he wouldn’t if his brain hadn’t just gotten scrambled.

Rogan deserves some of the blame for the weirdness with Overeem though. He certainly didn’t have to ask for the replay, which is what ended up making the Amsterdam-native look so silly. And he certainly didn’t have to have it played a second time after the first replay showed no evidence of a tap.

For his part, Overeem seems to have moved on from the phantom tap.

UFC officials haven’t publicly addressed Rogan’s request to change the post-fight interview protocol.