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July 3, 2022
Adesanya’s fifth successful middleweight title defense sets up another battle for the belt with arch nemesis Alex Pereira.
May 3, 2022
McGregor shared videos and pics of him piloting the 4,000-HP “Supercar of the Sea.”
April 27, 2022
“[Musk] believes that free speech is important—not just important, vital—for a functioning democracy. And I agree with that.”
February 10, 2022
“If you want my advice, don’t take my advice.”
Joe Rogan
January 31, 2022
“I’m going to do my best, in the future, to balance things out.”
January 27, 2022
“We regret Neil’s decision to remove his music from Spotify, but hope to welcome him back soon.” 
January 26, 2022
“This is f–king America, and you can have your own opinion about these things, and you can voice them.”
Joe Rogan Promo 2
January 13, 2022
“This is not only a scientific or medical concern; it is a sociological issue of devastating proportions and Spotify is responsible for allowing this activity to thrive on its platform.”
November 23, 2021
“I bet you he went to a doctor, so he goes to doctors for everything else, but on the vaccine, he’s listening to Joe Rogan.”
November 10, 2021
After being fined $14,650 for violating NFL COVID-19 protocols, Rodgers can return to play with his favored Packers against the Seahawks on Sunday.