Joe Rogan Reveals Why He Won’t Appear On ‘Hot Ones’ and Eat Super Spicy Chicken Wings

Plus: Rogan and Brendan Schaub discuss why Conor McGregor vs. Cowboy Cerrone will be a “phenomenal fight.”

Don’t expect to see Joe Rogan snarf down spicy chicken wings on Hot Ones anytime soon. 

During an MMA-themed episode of the Joe Rogan Experience with ex-fighter-turned-podcaster and comedian Brendan Schaub, the UFC color commentator revealed why he won’t appear on Complex’s wildly popular celebrity interview web series. 

After recalling a chicken wing spot with “suicide” hot sauce located near his old stomping grounds during Boston’s 90s comedy scene, Rogan gave a simple explanation. 

“I don’t wanna do that wing show. Not a good way to talk, man. Like, talk while snot’s coming out of your nose and you’re crying? That’s not a good place to talk.” 

When Schaub countered by saying that he’d be a good Hot Ones guest, Rogan doubled down, saying, “Why are you asking people personal questions while they’re crying?” before bursting into laughter.

During the same episode, the pair also discussed Conor McGregor’s upcoming return to the Octagon in UFC 246 for a non-title welterweight bout against veteran fighter Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

“I think it’s a phenomenal fight,” Schaub said. “I’ve always said that Cowboy is too much of a company man. The UFC and [UFC President Dana White] were going, ‘Cut weight, fight this fight, do this, quick turnaround.’ Does it ever work out for anyone who’s a ‘Yes’ man to the UFC? Not really. But now we’ve seen that it’s worked out for Cowboy.”

Schaub, who is a personal friend of Cerrone’s, continued. “This is Cowboy’s title shot. You got the biggest fight in the game. You’re fighting Conor McGregor. He’s paid his dues. He’s earned it. He’s getting millions and millions of dollars win, lose or draw. It’s a good fight for Cowboy.” 

Rogan then half-jokingly chimed in with a reference to McGregor’s declaration of his opponents’ big pay days as “Red Panties Night” for their wives. 

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“I think they should make a ‘Red Panties Night’ belt. Whoever gets to fight Conor, you get a ‘Red Panties Night’ belt.” 

On a more serious note, both agreed that Cerrone and McGregor are 155-pound lightweight fighters with the ability to bulk up and compete in the 170-pound welterweight class.

“Cowboy is a natural 155-er and not a huge welterweight,” Schaub said. “But the other thing is that now that Conor fights at 170. He can play 170 and he can play at 155.” 

We’ll see which fighter comes out with the win when UFC 246 goes down on January 18 in Las Vegas.