Someone Please Convince Jon Hamm to Play X-Men’s Cable

Who knew Don Draper would look so good with a gun?

Deadpool has another month before it even hits theaters, but critics and superhero fanatics alike are already praising the Merc with the Mouth’s official big screen debut (excuse me, but X-Men Origins: Wolverine doesn’t count and should be removed from this Earth). The odds of a sequel starting development soon is likely, and with that comes an abundance of fresh meat to accompany Deadpool and the other comic book characters. 

The mention of a live-action version of Wade Wilson’s bosom buddy, Cable, has been brought up for some time now, and co-creator Rob Liefeld took to Twitter to cast his vote for who should play the futuristic gunslinger. Behold, Jon Hamm as Cable.

There’s no word as to Hamm’s reaction to the notion of him portraying the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, but you had to admit, he looks pretty damn good. Jon Hamm was undoubtedly not on anyone’s radar in regards to portraying a superhero, but you can bet he is now. Come to think of it, the dysfunctional dynamic between Jon and Ryan Reynolds might make for the best damn mercenary film ever.

We’re with you, Rob Liefeld. Where can we sign the petition?