Jacked Jonah Hill Has an Instagram Page, and He’s Almost Unrecognizable

Welcome to the gun show.

Jonah Hill Split Promo
Left: Getty Images

Jonah Hill’s weight has fluctuated drastically over the years, but he’s currently fitter than ever—thanks in-part to some hilariously candid advice from Channing Tatum. 

Just take a look at this pic from his recently launched Instagram page: 


No, those muscled arms aren’t Photoshopped. Here’s a swaggy video to prove it: 


The 34-year-old actor has come a long way since his breakout role in 2007’s Superbad. He’s is currently working on his directorial debut, a coming-of-age drama he penned titled Mid-90s. 


Though he won’t appear in the film, the plot of a teenage boy growing up in LA during the 1990s does seem to reflect Hill’s own childhood experience at a glance. 

If he does return to acting—and keeps the weight off—there’s no way he’ll be typecast again as a hilarious fat guy.


Also, who knew the guy could kickflip?