You Won’t Believe How Insanely Jacked Josh Brolin Got to Play Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’

Find out how he became the newest member of the Swole Patrol.


(Photos: Marvel & Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Josh Brolin has packed on pounds of muscle to play Cable in Deadpool 2, which is now in the middle of filming.

From the looks of recent photos and gym videos the actor has boastfully be posting to Instagram, he’s even more jacked than co-star Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds suggested his good standing with the swole patrol is now in jeopardy now that he’s facing off with Brolin for the Deadpool sequel. 

“I’ve spent this last week on the business end of many Josh Brolin punches—both verbal and physical and literal, and it’s going to be pretty fantastic,” Reynolds told Fandango.

“He’s going to be epic. He’s going to be an epic Cable.”

Here’s a side-by-side for anyone who’s somehow still not convinced.

How Brolin got there should be to no surprise: intense gym workouts and plenty of protein and brown rice.

h/t Uproxx