‘Justice League’ Actors Use These Ultra-Intense Workouts to Get Superhero-Level Jacked

This is how you do it.

Justice League
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When you’re a kid and imagine being a superhero—or even playing one in a movie—it sounds awesome. But no one tells you just what actors have to do now to actually pull off a look originally created by comic book artists. 

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The actors from Justice League talked to E! about several things including the workouts they did to get shredded enough to convincingly play their roles. As much as actors get paid, it really does seem like they damn sure earned those checks when you get a look at the work they did. Just one example: Jason Momoa (Aquaman), doing pull-ups with an extra 88 lbs between his legs.


Weighted pull-ups absolutely blast your back, and it’s obvious Momoa’s work has paid off. 

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As Men’s Health reports, none of them sculpted their outsized looks in a vacuum. They worked with several trainers, probably one for each body part, for all we know. 

Mark Twight was part of the training team, and he made it a point to Instagram some of the actors’ hardest moments, such as Cyborg actor Ray Fisher doing, well, something pretty intense.

The Man, the Machine!

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Whatever Fisher was up to, it’s obvious from another photo on Twight’s Insta that the guy was seriously ripped for his role as the half-man, half-machine superhero.

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So where do you begin to even try and achieve a look like Cyborg or Aquaman? 

As Men’s Health notes, Twight apparently focuses on the same workouts that keep special forces operators battle ready—high intensity interval training (HIIT) and the basic compound movements like squat, clean and press, and deadlift, using barbells and kettlebells.

Twight also believes form and “a culture of physicality” are incredibly important. And when you’re playing someone with the power to fly and knock down buildings and shit, it’s obvious he’s got a point.  

Get a look at the results of Momoa’s and Fisher’s hard work when Justice League premieres nationwide on Nov. 17.

h/t E!, BroBible, Men’s Health