Here's Another Reason Why Kate Upton Is Your Dream Girlfriend

Justin Verlander is a lucky guy. 

Let's say you've just had a bad day at work. The equivalent of giving up seven runs and eight hits as starting pitcher. Obviously you're angry. And let's say it's your girlfriend's birthday and she wants to chill at home, eat popcorn and watch Love, Actually for the ninth time, even though it's June. 

Clearly, you wouldn't want to do that. And Tigers righty Justin Verlander didn't want to either when this very scenario presented itself last year. Lucky for him though, Kate Upton is his girlfriend and when he presented alternate plans for her birthday that included going out and drinking away his sorrows, she complied. 

Upton relayed this story in a recent ESPN the Magazine article about the rich white people who ownthe Cubs. Upton's friends of the family and was hanging out at Wrigley while the reporter was there working on the story.

So, in addition to being an understanding girlfriend who doesn't mind when her guy needs to get blitzed after a hard day at work, she's a casual baseball fan who goes to meaningless Cubs games in the middle of the season. Just another reason why Upton is pretty much perfect.

Photos by Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images