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Justin Verlander Promo
July 9, 2019
“I find it really hard to believe that Major League Baseball owns Rawlings and just coincidentally the balls become juiced.”
verlander upton 1
November 5, 2017
Win a World Series, marry a supermodel, all in a week’s work.
verlander upton 5
November 2, 2017
The happy couple will get married later this month in Italy.
jose altuve
October 30, 2017
The Dodgers and Astros have hit 22 dongs in the series, an all-time record.
verlander upton
October 26, 2017
Eight home runs, three lead changes, and one supermodel.
Kate Upton and Adriana Lima
April 2, 2017
You can’t lose with these stunning MLB wives and girlfriends.
March 6, 2017
You might need to towel off after watching this…