Keanu Reeves Reveals Who Would Win In A Fight: John Wick Or Neo


L: Reeves as John Wick

If you’re a fan of Keanu Reeves‘s action movies this question will make sense to you: Of his signature characters, who would come out on top in a fight, dog-loving assassin John Wick or savior figure to humanity Neo (a.k.a. Thomas Anderson). 

Talk show host Stephen Colbert had Reeves and Bill & Ted Face The Music co-star Alex Winter on as guests recently and near the end of the interview, he just couldn’t resist. 

You can watch the whole segment above, but basically just before signing off, Colbert asked Reeves who would win that fight.

It seemed to throw the famously zen actor a little, and he was equal parts exasperated and amused as he tried to dodge giving an answer. Colbert couldn’t resist, so he added to his question regarding the Matrix protagonist and Wick by asking, “What if Neo accidentally killed John Wick’s dog?” 

Reeves gave in, sort of—he actually offered a different scenario altogether. 


“No! No! They wouldn’t fight!he said. “But maybe John Wick would try and help Thomas Anderson out in the real world. Maybe against the machines.”

Colbert then said, “All right. Done. That’s canon now.”

For Reeves, it was a tough question likely because actors always throw parts of themselves into roles and so it was, in a way, like asking him if he could kick his own ass. Also, though Wick was an assassin he is definitely the protagonist of the movies bearing his name. It’s hard to pit two heroes against each other in dramatic terms.

Matrix Reloaded image
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That’s why the compromise of them teaming up makes sense. 

That said, if John Wick were magically transported to the half-dead future world of Zion and not the Matrix, real-world Neo wouldn’t have a chance against him. 

But a Wick avatar with the same assassin’s skillset inside that digitally-rendered reality facing Neo at the height of his powers? Come on, he wouldn’t last two seconds against a dude who can fly and stop bullets with a gesture.

All nerding out over such a question aside, Keanu Reeves’s solution is the best, really, and someone is probably already writing a fan fiction script or story with just such a scenario in mind.