Lindsay Lohan Is Opening a Nightclub Chain Named After Herself

Find out why she told the opening night crowd to “Shut the f*ck up!”

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Everyone’s favorite “troubled” actress/tabloid fixture Lindsay Lohan may have lost her outrageous lawsuit against Grand Theft Auto: V, but she won’t be thwarted in pursuing other ambitious endeavors. 

Need proof? On Saturday, Lindsay celebrated the grand opening of her namesake LOHAN Nightclub, in Athens, Greece with business partner and restaurateur Dennis Papageorgiou. And because she’s Lindsay Lohan, she proceeded to scandalize the big night by grabbing the mic and telling everyone to “Shut the fuck up!” after they talked over her opening night speech. Check out the LiLo action in the video above. 

Other than that, Instagram shots of the event from the actress-turned-club-lord and LOHAN Nightclub’s accounts show that it was a grand old time with plenty of dancing and a seriously packed house. 

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But she’s not stopping there: TMZ reports that Lohan and Papageorgiou have plans to open up locations in Hong Kong, New York and Istanbul, start a chain of spas, and even help refugees by creating and distributing of organic health drinks…because why the hell not? 

And let’s not forget she’s even talked about running for prez in 2020. Hey, if Trump can do it, maybe LiLo can too.