Apparently Madonna Likes to Rip Shots in the Middle of Her ‘Rebel Heart’ Concert

A little tequila goes a long way.

There’s nothing like some smooth Jose Cuervo Tradicional to lube up your strained vocal cords. 

Keeping up with all things unconventional, legendary singer Madonna chose to whip out the bottle of the 100% agave spirit during the middle of her ‘Rebel Heart Tour’ set at Sin City’s MGM Grand. Instead of turning to the obvious choice of water to rejuvenate herself, the Queen of Pop threw back some shots with her back-up dancers following a throwback performance of ‘La Isla Bonita.’

The provocative pop star is well known for her outrageous (and sometimes soul-sucking) antics, but this partnership with Jose Cuervo surprisingly makes perfect sense. The centuries-old brand, known for pushing limits as a trailblazer in the tequila category, fits right into the mold of Madge’s persona. Plus, the artist has in the past managed to intertwine her music with dance, sex, style, with some controversy to boot, so what’s adding in some tequila going to hurt?

Besides, when your concert includes an over-the-top orgasmic performance like the one below, some heavy alcohol consumption seems like it should be a serious requirement.

Photos by Jose Cuervo