The Many Faces of “Saints Row”

We’re gearing up for Saints Row 4 with a look back at our favorite custom-characters from the game.

Few games have the level of character customization as Saints Row. Sure, you can play as a beefed up version of yourself, but why would you want to when you can be anyone, real or fictitious? As we get ready to step into the Oval Office in Saints Row 4, we look back at our favorite custom-characters from the Saints.

Tobias Fünke

We’re afraid he just blue himself.

Chuck Norris

When you play as Chuck Norris, you’re not just a Saint, you’re a god.


Killing only those who deserve it…and everyone deserves it.

Duke Nukem

Duke’s own game sucked. We’ll let him join the Saints anyway.


Good thing they don’t have pitchforks in Steelport.

Bob Ross

Our favorite soft-spoken painter can bury bodies under happy little trees.

The Godfather (Marlon Brando)

The only thing you’ll get from him on the day of his daughter’s wedding is pain.

Indiana Jones

He may hate snakes but he fits right in with Saints.

Lil Wayne

He’s not a human being, he’s a Saint.

Michael Jackson

In our Saints game, it’ll take a lot more than some meds to take down the King of Pop.


Oppa Gangnam style? Oppa fuck yourself.

Samuel L. Jackson

He’s had it with these motherfucking Saints on this motherfucking Row.


He now knows why you cry. It’s probably because he just ran you over with his Harley.


Jinkies, look at that rack!

Vin Diesel

Just in case you weren’t sure if the Saints were fast and furious… They are.

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