Maxim’s Best Bits [4/7-4/11]

It’s Friday, which means we’re pretending to work until someone unlocks these chains to our desks. Here are some of our top posts from the week of April 7.

Photographed for Maxim by Zoe McConnell

Girls in Yellow

Brighten your day or mellow out with these hot chicks in lemon hues…because it’s finally Spring! Woo!

The 6 Weirdest Trades in Sports History

A bus, an announcer, and the most important suit in baseball history.

The 7 Most Badass Pre-Twilight Vampires

From Blade to Lestat, these movie bloodsuckers were the real deal.

10 Podcasts That’ll Make You Love Your Commute

The following downloadable love is as awesome as it is affordable (i.e., free).

10 Things We Learned at the NCAA Final Four in Dallas

After taking in the championship hoops in Dallas, this is what we’re taking out.

The Top 10 Signs You’re The Joffrey Baratheon of Your Office

Are you a huge royal jerkface like Game of Thrones‘ smug child-king? Find out here!

Who’s Tougher: The Scarlett Johansson Edition

Captain America’s red-headed acrobat vixen takes on Under the Skin’s soft-spoken seductress.

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