Meet Actress, Model & ‘Apex Legends: Escape’ Star Neraida Bega

The stunning model/actress landed the video game role after years of martial arts training.

(Ben Cope)

Wielding a tactically-modded Glock and a pair of swords, Neraida Bega is fully embracing her new Apex Legends: Escape character in drop-dead gorgeous photos.

(Ben Cope)

The Albanian-born model, actress and stunt performer joins the free-to-play battle royale video game’s latest expansion as Ash.

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(Ben Cope)

The simulacrum assassin is the first playable character to crossover from the Titanfall 2, a part of the mainline franchise set nearly two decades before the events of Apex Legends.

In an interview with a Fox 29 Philadelphia, B-roll shows Bega expertly handling swords in a motion capture suit, something she’s learned through years of Xtreme Martial Arts practice under the tutelage of seven-time World Forms & Weapons Champion Mike Chat.

“I trained 7 years of Muay Thai in Italy, and when I moved to the United States, I started training Xtreme Martial Arts, meaning XMA, with founder Mike Chat. It’s a mix of martial arts, acrobatic moves, dance moves and performance,” she said.

(Ben Cope)

“I had reached a high level of sword [proficiency], so when the audition came, they wanted someone to have Ash’s essence, but at the same time could move the sword and do all of these cuts.”

(Ben Cope)

Outside of Apex Legends: Escape, you can catch Bega’s role in Marvel’s WandaVision and stunt work in the upcoming Channing Tatum-led comedy Dog, due out in theaters on February 18, 2022.

In the meantime, bask in a few of Bega’s best recent Instagram photos: