Watch Mel Gibson Battle Mexican Drug Lords In New ‘Blood Father’ Trailer

The original Mad Max is out for vengeance against a murderous cartel chasing his daughter.

We weren’t too impressed with an earlier trailer for Mel Gibson’s Blood Father, but a new, official trailer seems a little more interested in pulling us in. 

In it we see Gibson’s tattoo artist ex-con John Link as he’s drawn into his estranged daughter’s run from a drug cartel. We also learn that Link’s daughter, played by Erin Moriarty, is fleeing because she committed a murder, possibly while defending someone else. 

Then we get to see what are really the most tantalizing parts of promos for Blood Father so far: Mel just kicking some righteous ass. 

So okay, we’re a little more interested now. Blood Father, which also stars William H. Macy and did garner some interesting reviews at Cannes, is in theaters on August 12.