Mister Ed is in Your Tacos

If you’re having lunch in Europe, you’re probably eating horsemeat.

If you’re having lunch in Europe, you’re probably eating horsemeat.

Another day, another increased possibility that you’ve eaten horsemeat. Today it’s Taco Bell, which was forced to withdraw meals containing ground “beef” from three of its U.K. restaurants.

That said, just in case you’re feeling nervous about that Whopper you inhaled during your London layover last week, chances are you’re totally fine. Nutritionally, horsemeat can actually be considered better than beef, with lower fat, sodium, and cholesterol. In fact, people in Canada, France, Italy, and all over South America eat it all the time, and they’re still alive – and not as fat as us! Really the main concern in this horsemeat scandal is that it may be contaminated with phenylbutazone, a medicine for horses that is dangerous to humans, but so far no traces of it have been found.

Still, just in case you are making any trans-Atlantic trips soon, below you’ll find a list of all the companies and restaurants that tested positive for horsemeat. SO FAR.

You may have eaten horsemeat if you ate:

At Taco Bell locations in the U.K.

At Burger King locations in the U.K., Ireland, or Denmark

Frozen Ikea Swedish meatballs

Beef pasta dishes made by Nestle

Pizzas with meat toppings in Denmark

Bird’s Eye frozen food products

Findus frozen food products

Sausages in Russia

Tesco product

Aldi frozen food products, specifically “Today’s Frozen Beef Lasagne” and “Today’s Special Frozen Spaghetti Bolognese,” which contained between 30% and 100% horsemeat.

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