MLB Playoffs: Game Three Pitching Matchups

This week’s football is over, let’s watch the MLB playoffs!

This week’s football is over, let’s watch the MLB playoffs!

Game three of five in the playoffs is always pivotal. With two series on the brink of a sweep and two series pulled even last night, there are very different types of games being played. And you might be surprised at some hurlers taking the mound.

Giants vs. Reds, Oct 9th, 5:37 pm. Ryan Vogelsong vs. Homer Bailey

It all looked so good for the Giants on Saturday. Johnny Cueto exited in the first inning with back spasms, leaving the Reds to piece together 9 innings of passible pitching for Matt Cain- who had a 0.00 playoff ERA- to demolish. However, the bullpen held the Giants to two runs and the offense did the rest. Game two also looked good for San Fran, Madison Baumgartner facing Bronson “Questionable Decision” Arroyo. But again, the Giants were genuinely outclassed, with Arroyo going 7 scoreless innings. Tonight, with a two time Cy Young winner in the bullpen (granted, he had a worse year than Tom Cruise), the Giants are handing the ball to Ryan Vogelsong. He’ll face Homer Bailey, the owner of the only no-hitter in Reds history. If the Giants go down, at least they went down swinging. Right, guys? Guys?

Tiger vs. Athletics, Oct 9th, 9:07 pm. Brett Anderson vs. Anibel Sanchez

The movie star A’s have their back against the wall once again. They are one game away from the end of an improbable playoff run, so it’s time for a plot twist. Enter Brett Anderson. The lefty who has pitched 6 games since June of 2011 and hasn’t been on the mound since September 17th. OF COURSE he is the guy who takes the A’s season in his gentle, calloused hands. However, since the postseason isn’t scripted (as far as we know…I’m looking at you, Selig), the big Tiger bats might crush this Hollywood ending before it hits theaters.

Cardinals vs. Nationals, Oct 10th, 1:07 pm. Chris Carpenter vs. Edwin Jackson

Taking the mound in this 1-1 death-match are two guys who could easily be game one starters in another situation. Chris Carpenter is a playoff machine, sporting a 9-2 post-season record. But Carpenter has been sidelined most of the season with “thoracic outlet syndrome” which is most likely a made-up thing. Edwin Jackson can only be described as erratic, having the distinction of a no-hitter and the disgrace of once being traded for Jason Frasor. One of these former teammates will put their team within striking distance of the NLCS (or both will self-destruct due to inconsistency and blatantly fake syndromes and it’ll be really ugly).

Orioles vs. Yankees, Oct 10th, 7:37 pm. Miguel Gonzalez vs. Hiroki Kuroda

Fall baseball is nothing new for the Bombers, but facing a newly minted divisional rival is. The Orioles come to the Bronx tomorrow, sending Miguel Gonzalez to the mound. Gonzalez boasts a 9-4 record and has won 2 games at Yankee Stadium this year, both impressively. He’ll face Hiroki Kuroda, who combined with Ichiro Suzuki, accounts for the biggest Japanese presence in New York since Godzilla. Not the fictional dinosaur monster, the baseball player. Ok, maybe both.

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