Monster Booze Alert: GWAR Gets Its Own Beer!

America’s most abominable band wants to get you wasted.

America’s most abominable band wants to get you wasted.

What’s the one band in the whole world that most deserves to have its own beer? If you said ’90s English alternative rock group Elbow, you’d be totally right! But also, the world’s most disembowel-y thrash metal band, GWAR. The new signature brew from Cigar City Brewing and our good buddies/alien overlords (we went on tour with them, and yes, it was terrifying and awesome – tawsomifying) is called, appropriately, Impaled Ale, and it’s a craft beer. It’s also the latest in a rash of heavy metal suds that includes fellow brewer 3 Floyd’s Toxic Revolution Stout, from the sick minds of Municipal Waste. Impaled will be ready for drinking at the 4th annual GWAR B-Q going down August 17, and will hopefully have 73 percent fewer spikes in it than a typical GWAR concert.

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Jesse Brukman