Nadine Velazquez Wants To Be An Assassin!

The Snitch star and former Maxim cover girl answers the same 10 questions we always ask everyone.

The Snitch star and former Maxim cover girl answers the same 10 questions we always ask everyone.

Photographed for Maxim by James White | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

You’re starring in Snitch – out now – as Dwayne Johnson’s wife. What’s it like to work alongside The Rock?

It was amazing. It was just divine.

You sound quite smitten.

I’m a big fan!

Does he get mad when you call him The Rock instead of Dwayne Johnson?

I don’t know, I never called him The Rock…

Do you get to kick any ass onscreen?

No, I’m just a wife and a young mother to our kid. The story line is that he goes undercover to protect his son from his first marriage and puts the family in jeopardy.

Would you like to do a full-on action role, if one came along?

Yeah, definitely. I look like a pretty badass villain and I certainly have the physique to carry it – I used to do gymnastics, too, and I learn stunts easily. Something like The Matrix would be ideal, something where it’s super agents and wire work and special effects – not necessarily running from bombs and shooting people. Something more sleek, like an assassin.

You’re well known for doing comedies like My Name is Earl and The League, how does it feel to be doing more serious stuff like this and Flight?

It feels good! I’d like more opportunities to do both, actually. I like the range, I like that people go, “Wow, I didn’t know that was the girl from this,” or, you know, when I was in Hart of Dixie, people didn’t recognize me because I had a Southern accent and bangs, and I was a little goofy. I like that I don’t look as hot in person as I may look in Flight. A lot of the reaction from people was, “I had no idea that was her.”

So you don’t always look like you do on your Maxim shoots?

Yeah, and I love that. It’s awesome to be hidden behind something and then when it’s time to show it, you’re impressed.


What was the last thing you had to apologize for?

I had to apologize for being so awesome!

How do you go about apologizing for that?

I just say, “I’m sorry you guys, I know I’m blowing you away. I’m just so incredible, sometimes I can’t help it.”

What’s your favorite curse word?


What’s the worst hangover you’ve ever had?

I don’t drink, but when I was in my early 20s, I was in Costa Rica, and had way too many shots of tequila. It was just really awful.

You still sound really sad about it.

It was awful. I think that’s what made me never drink again.

What was your first car?

Honda Civic, black.

Do you have a scar that tells a story?

I have a scar on my right arm from my ex-husband. He was cooking and he had a hot pot and he turned around and went right into my arm.

What was he cooking?

I don’t even remember.

So it wasn’t worth it, then?

No! I just wanted to crucify him. I was like, “My career is over! I had beautiful arms! They were scarless and now you’ve given me a scar, you fucking bastard!”

Do you have a party trick?

My party trick is that I ask everybody questions. I’m just nosey.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?

My fist.

What’s the one thing to remember in a fist fight?

Punch him in the throat.

That’s a surprisingly brutal answer.

Yeah! I mean, that would just knock somebody out.

Who was the last person to see you naked?

The world! Well, whoever is screening Flight right now.

Finish this sentence: If I ruled the world for a day, I would…

I would want to do something that made everyone feel better about themselves.

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