Watch UFC Brawler Nate Diaz Scare the Hell Out of Conor McGregor Fanboys

Someone get these guys a change of shorts.

What do you think’s going to happen when Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz face off again in the Octagon at UFC 202

Conor’s going to knock out Nate? Nate’s going to choke out Conor again? Would you be willing to share that prediction with the guy you think will lose? 

A few Conor McGregor fanboys were forced into doing just that by Jimmy Kimmel, who sent a video crew to the streets of Hollywood to ask dudes about the most anticipated UFC rematch in recent memory. 

Those who were certain Conor will win were greeted by a less-than-friendly Nate. Watch them quickly try to make nice as their eyes bulge, their voices crack and they begin to fear for their lives. 

Don’t laugh too hard though. Bet you’d do the same.